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Are you facing overwhelming debt? Unable to make ends meet while being harassed by creditors? If you are struggling financially, you need solutions as soon as possible. The stress of crushing debt can take a huge toll on your emotional stability, family relations, and even your health. Taking steps to turn your financial scene around should be high on your priorities and it can be done, with the right legal assistance. Fortunately, state and federal bankruptcy laws provide protections and programs that can end the anxiety and helplessness of such a situation and move you forward into a brighter future.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Deciding whether to file for bankruptcy is a major decision and can be a difficult one. Understanding all of your options and the repercussions of such a decision is essential. At The Gil Law Firm, you can work with a legal team that has been practicing bankruptcy law for decades. Our founding attorney alone has been in practice since 2000. Our firm has helped thousands of clients throughout Alabama, Georgia, and Florida turn their financial scenes around through bankruptcy filings and other debt relief actions. We provide one-on-one legal service, same-day appointments, and can file your case within 24 hours if necessary.

In over your head? Need help understanding your options? Contact our Dothan bankruptcy attorneys at (334) 401-4420 or through our online request form for a free, initial consultation about your financial scene today.

Benefits of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy has its advantages and disadvantages. It is not the right solution for everyone. But for many individuals, the benefits of filing for bankruptcy outweigh any of its drawbacks.

Benefits can include:

  • Stopping creditors and collection agencies from continued harassment through phone calls, texts, letters, and lawsuits
  • Stopping evictions, utility shutoffs, wage garnishment, and home foreclosures
  • Having your consumer debt discharged at the end of the bankruptcy case (in some cases)
  • Being required to participate in credit counseling, which can give you new tools for better financial habits and control
  • Having a fresh start and being able to begin again debt-free in rebuilding your future

As your bankruptcy lawyer, one of our team will sit down with you to get a full understanding of your financial scene, explain your legal options for handling it as well as how the various types of bankruptcy work, and ensure that you have all of the information and advice you need to make an intelligent decision. Our firm is here to provide tailored legal assistance based on the unique circumstances of your case and can follow through with appropriate and efficient legal action designed to get you through the court process as painlessly as possible.

What Exactly is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal process overseen by the bankruptcy court that is designed to give financial relief to individuals and businesses that cannot repay their debts. Under the auspices of the bankruptcy court, many of these debts may be discharged, giving you as the debtor a second chance. Once you file for any type of bankruptcy, you are protected from further creditor action.

When filing for bankruptcy, it’s important to understand what will happen before you can be discharged of your debt. Bankruptcy is not only stressful financially but personally, too. There are many questions clients ask when filing for bankruptcy and it’s important to know that:

  1. Bankruptcy cases can take anywhere from 3 months to more than 5 years

  2. Your finances will become open to public scrutiny

  3. Complete honesty and transparency is required

  4. Filing the paperwork for bankruptcy can be very complicated and you may need professional help to file

  5. If you file for bankruptcy and are declared bankrupt, only your debt is discharged. If you share debt with a spouse, only your part of the debt is discharged

Need to learn more? Talk to a Dothan bankruptcy lawyer about your unique circumstances at (334) 401-4420 today.

Will I Lose My Personal Property in a Bankruptcy Case?

Under state and federal laws, certain property or equity in property is exempt from being lost in a bankruptcy case. Each state has its own list of exemptions. For example, in Alabama, your clothing, books, pensions, retirement benefits, tools of the trade, and a certain amount of equity in your home are exemptions.

Will My Bankruptcy Filing Be Made Public?

A bankruptcy fling is a public record. However, it is not an easily accessed bit of information for most people. It is very unlikely that anyone other than your creditors will know that you have filed for bankruptcy unless you tell them. We can discuss any exceptions to this when handling the details of your specific circumstances.

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