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Has Your Claim with the Social Security Administration Been Denied?

Claims made to the Social Security Administration (SSA) for benefits are commonly denied. The government’s own statistics show a denial rate above 50 percent. This is the unfortunate consequence of a dealing with a government institution that feels remote, unknowable, and in which you feel you have little control. After an initial denial, many people give up, taking no for an answer much too easily.

What to Do After a Denial?

A denial from the SSA does not have to be the end of the road. You have the right to request an appeal. Generally, you have 60 days from the date of your denial to do so. To dramatically increase your chances for an approval, we strongly urge you to bring in an attorney who is experienced in handling Social Security claims and appeals and to continue seeing your medical professionals. At The Gil Law Firm, we can represent you in any level of appeal ensuring that you have a strong case that is well documented and substantiated.

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How Claims Get Denied

If you were not represented by an attorney in filing your initial application, you may not understand why your claim was denied in the first place.

Common reasons why a claim is denied can include:

  • Mistakes or omissions in filling out the paperwork
  • Failing to provide complete and adequate medical documentation
  • Failing to provide a complete work record/history
  • You stopped seeing your doctor(s) so it is presumed that your condition has improved or been handled
  • It is presumed that you are not so disabled as to be unable to perform some type of work
  • You claimed to have a mental disorder which may need further and significant documentation by mental health specialists
  • Your condition is a subjective one, such as chronic pain or fatigue without medical substantiation
  • You make too much in monthly income
  • You failed to follow whatever treatment was prescribed

Four levels of appeal are available after an initial denial. These include requesting a reconsideration, requesting a hearing with an administrative law judge, a review by the Appeals Council, or, as a final resort, a review in federal court. At each appeal stage, our firm will work diligently to put together thorough and proper documentation to back up your claim for benefits and to otherwise prepare your case for a strong position.

Administrative Law Judge Hearing

A hearing with an administrative law judge regarding your claim is one of the best opportunities for winning a claims approval. At the hearing, you are given the opportunity to tell your side of the story firsthand along with presenting supporting evidence. We can guide you through this process, help you properly prepare your testimony and learn how to respond to any questions you may be asked.

We can also ensure that everything that can be useful to winning an approval is supplied from medical statements and examinations to other pertinent records and affidavits, showing how they relate to your ability to work. We will leave no stone unturned in full case preparation which can make the difference between approval and denial.

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